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SolveIT offer a wide variety of services from small businesses (1 - 30 employees) to domestic customers.  

Our business customer base is very diverse, from the building trade to accountants and restaurants.  Everyone needs IT support and believe it or not the basic requirements are all the same. At present there are over 500 business customers and that number is growing everyday.

SovleIT also have over 200 regular private customers who require home PC & Apple support. Most customer may only see us once a year for their yearly health che
ck, others require us more often for training session and help setting up new hardware and software.

Keep the costs down with a yearly contract

If you are interested in a yearly contract which includes unlimited call outs and remote support, prices start from 120 per year plus VAT, this covers 1 PC / Mac (support for hardware and software), printer, router and external USB / firewire hard disks.
At the very start of a service contract your PC / Mac is setup for remote assistance, scanned for viruses and configured to backup all data and email daily.
If you only have 1 PC, your contract will have paid for itself after only 3 hours of labour. Service contracts are payable via bank transfer, standing order, cheque, postal order or paypal.

Large or Small, SovleIT Installs All
Whether you work in a home office or small - medium corporate environment, we have the skills and experience to delivery the latest technologies customised to your business.

No Site Visit Required!
Using Splashtop, SovleIT can access and fix most problems remotely without having to visit your site. This saves on unnecessary driving, which saves fuel and the environment.


For more information visit the remote assistance page.

Free Anti-Virus For Business and Home Users
If you currently aren't protected by an antivirus program you can download an excellent free copy from the following

AVG from  
Avast from

Home users should not be paying for antivirus, if you listen to the Money Box program on BBC Radio 2 they are always banging on about this.  Paid for Antivirus is a waste of money.
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