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Mobile / Smart Phone Support

SolveIT also support all the major mobile smart phone manufacturers including Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Blackberry. We can assist in the setup, contact and data transfer (This includes contacts, photos, music, movies, calendar, apps and ring tones) and web services including email, internet and VPN.


       Email (POP3 and IMAP)
       Internet (Mobile browsing and wifi)
      Mobile GPS
       Data transfer and backups
       Calendar sync with Outlook or other mail program
       App support e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Flickr


Web Design
SolveIT have been designing website for years. Our designs are clean looking, easy to navigate and above all else affordable.

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Free Anti-Virus For Business and Home Users
If you currently aren't protected by an antivirus program you can download an excellent free copy from the following

AVG from  
Avast from

Home users should not be paying for antivirus, if you listen to the Money Box program on BBC Radio 2 they are always banging on about this.  Paid for Antivirus is a waste of money.
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