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With years of networking experience, SolveIT can design, install and maintain any network from a small wireless LANs to a large 1000 client environments with satellite sites that connect via a VPN connection over the Internet.

LAN Local Area Networks (wired and wireless)
      Wireless LAN`s for roaming users or cable free environments.
      Wired LANs for larger companies with more clients and a higher
        network demand.

WAN Wide Area Networks
      VPN setup over internet connection, allowing users to connect
        to the office LAN using their home internet connection.
Internet Connections
      (ADSL Broadband & Satellite Broadband, Narrowband)

With the spread of broadband comes the added bonus of using routers and other networking technologies to get the most out from the new high speed Internet connections.

A router can be used to share a broadband internet connect allowing up to 255 computers to connect the Internet at the same time. 

Wireless technologies are also being used in conjunction with routers to allow computers to be used around the workplace or home without a physical connection to a telephone socket or network port.

No Site Visit Required!
Using Crossloop, SovleIT can access and fix most  problems remotely without having to visit your site. This saves on unnecessary driving, which saves you money and the environment.

Download Crossloop
Free Anti-Virus For Business and Home Users
If you currently aren't protected by an antivirus program you can download an excellent free copy from the following

AVG from  
Avast from

Home users should not be paying for antivirus, if you listen to the Money Box program on BBC Radio 2 they are always banging on about this.  Paid for Antivirus is a waste of money.

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