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PC Repairs, Upgrades & Servicing

Technology isn't perfect and unfortunately PC's and laptops do breakdown occasionally. System corruption is the most common cause of problems which is not related to a hardware fault. Simply re-installing the operating system will fix this type of problem.  When a hardware fault is detected you can be fairly certain its a hard disk fault.  In this case, a new disk is required.

What ever your need, you can be assured that SolveIT will source the best quality PC replacement and upgrades parts, have them installed and get you back up and running in no time.

Typical Upgrades
      Larger Hard Disks
      Solid State Drives
       RAM Upgrades
       Graphics Card Upgrades
       Motherboard, CPU & RAM
       Complete System Builds


       Laptop Reballing

      Replacement harddisks and solid state drives
      Laptop DC Jack Replacement
      Laptop Screen Replacement
      Laptop Keyboard Replacement

No Site Visit Required!
Using Splashtop, SovleIT can access and fix most problems remotely without having to visit your site. This saves on unnecessary driving, which saves fuel and the environment.


For more information visit the remote assistance page.

Backup Your Data!
Its amazing to think that in this day and age some people still don't take backups of company or personal data.

Break the cycle! Get a backup device and get that data backed up!

A typical External USB Hard Disk with a huge 1Tb storage is only 70.
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