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Keep the costs down with a yearly contract

If you are interested in a yearly contract which includes unlimited call outs and remote support, prices start from 10 per month or 120 per year, this covers 1 PC / Mac (support for hardware and software), printer, router and external USB / firewire hard disks.

Domestic Customers 120 per year per PC
Business Customers 150 per year per PC

At the very start of a service contract your PC / Mac is setup for remote assistance, scanned for viruses and configured to backup all data and email daily.
If you only have 1 PC, your contract will have paid for itself after only 3 hours of labour. Service contracts are payable via bank transfer, standing order, cheque, postal order or paypal.

This cover includes

Computer Hardware and Software issues

Operating System
Microsoft Office Appications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access)
Web browser support (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
Hardware upgrades and replacements (labour element only)
Backup advise and setup
Other software support e.g Sage, AutoCad,
* I highly recommend if you have software support you contact the software vendor direct before calling SolveIT, as they have all the necessary tools and experience to fix you problem which should result in a faster solution.

Tablet and Mobile Phone Support
FREE Tablet support included with any computer support contract

Printers, Scanners, Fax
Keyboards, Mice, Speakers
External Storage (USB harddisks, flash drives)
Routers, switches and other network equipment

Annual service visit
Unlimited call outs per contract year
All labour included
Remote support via Splashtop

There are a few exceptions, including:
   Cost of new hardware
   Web design
   Database Design
   Graphics design services
   Dedicated projects e.g server migration

No Site Visit Required!
Using Splashtop, SovleIT can access and fix most problems remotely without having to visit your site. This saves on unnecessary driving, which saves fuel and the environment.


For more information visit the remote assistance page.

Are You Visible On The Web?
SolveIT have been designing website for years. Our designs are clean looking, easy to navigate and above all else affordable.

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