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Hardware & Software Support

Technology moves quickly and keeping up with the latest trend in software and hardware advances allows SolveIT to support them quickly and efficiently.

Support For
      All Microsoft Servers & Applications
       Servers, PC`s and Laptops
       Printers & Scanners
       Network Hardware (Routers, switches)
       Any other hardware..... please call us

No Site Visit Required!
Using Splashtop, SovleIT can access and fix most problems remotely without having to visit your site. This saves on unnecessary driving, which saves fuel and the environment.


For more information visit the remote assistance page.

Free Anti-Virus For Business and Home Users
If you currently aren't protected by an antivirus program you can download an excellent free copy from the following

AVG from  
Avast from

Home users should not be paying for antivirus, if you listen to the Money Box program on BBC Radio 2 they are always banging on about this.  Paid for Antivirus is a waste of money.
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