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Payment is required in full 14 days from the date of invoice.

All materials remain the property of SolveIT until payment is received in full. SolveIT have the right to remove hardware if full payment is not received in 60 days.

Data & Backups

Please ensure you have a full up to date backup of your data. SolveIT will always take steps to ensure that you data is safe during upgrades etc. However accidents can happen and occasionally hardware will fail. SolveIT IS NOT responsible for any data loss that can occur during upgrades, data moves or hardware removal.
It's YOUR data BACK IT UP!

Are You Visible On The Web?
SolveIT have been designing website for years. Our designs are clean looking, easy to navigate and above all else affordable.
Charles Evans Art is one of the largest sites managed by SovleIT. It achieves 8000 hits per month and is visited world wide.

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